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  • Movie: Death From Above [2012]
  • Directed By: Bruce Koehler
  • Movie Poster: Death From Above
  • Wrestler(s) captured: Kurt Angle (as Thule)
  • Movie: Grown Ups 2 [2013]
  • Directed By: Dennis Dugan
  • Movie Poster: Grown Ups 2
  • Parodied Wrestler(s) captured: Hulk Hogan (portrayed by Kris Murrell)

bigdanny7777 asked:

The photos for Bundy In Uncle Irwin dont work, can you fix that? Nice page and are there new things on its way?

I checked and the pictures should be working. Copy and paste this at the end of my URL /tagged/king%20kong%20bundy. See if that works better for you. Yeah there is alot of stuff new and old (better quality) coming soon.

  • Movie: Spring Breakers [2012]
  • Directed By: Harmony Korine
  • Movie Poster: Spring Breakers
  • Wrestler(s) captured: Jeff Jarrett (as Youth Pastor)
  • Movie: Be Cool [2005]
  • Directed By: F. Gary Gray
  • Movie Poster: Be Cool
  • Wrestler(s) captured: The Rock (as Elliot Wilhelm)
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